Learning How To Learn

Learning how to learn – were you taught this in school or college? We didn’t think so! Schools and colleges typically teach us many things from a specific curriculum, but a lot of life skills are not prioritized in these educational institutions.  Learning is a skill. Different individuals have different Continue Reading

How To Decide Whether You Should Have Kids

Should I have kids? This question does not include merely a yes or no answer! Deciding whether you should have kids involves a lot of decision-making and considerations. You want kids, but are you really ready to have one? Having a kid is a rewarding experience and they surely bring Continue Reading

How To Improve Gut Health In 5 Simple Ways

Did you know that your gut health affects your mood, immune system, skin condition, as well as mental health? For those reasons, taking care of your gut health is crucial for your overall physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re looking for ways on how to improve gut health, then you’ve Continue Reading

Stay at Home Guide to Parenting a Teen

As a parent, dealing with a teenage daughter can be extremely challenging. Some say they can be a nightmare. At one moment, they can be understanding, compassionate, caring, intelligent, and witty. But, on the other end of the spectrum, they can be extremely temperamental, arrogant, indecisive, and stubborn. In between Continue Reading

Why Your Nose Gets Stuffy at Night

During the day, your nose is fine, but when you are lying in bed and getting ready to sleep, the congestion seems to go from 0 to 100, real quick. Why does your nose get stuffy when you are ready to hit the sack? Is this just in your head Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Avoid Being Your True Self at Work

These days everyone is talking about “authenticity”. It seems like the latest trend or buzz word, but what does it really mean at the workplace when someone says “bring your true self” or “bring your whole self”? Is it a wise thing to do? Intuitively it seems like the right Continue Reading

Forest Bathing – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

You may have heard about forest bathing as the latest trend or craze, but you may be scratching your head thinking to yourself, what the heck is forest bathing? The term forest bathing, or forest therapy, is derived from the Japanese term shinrin-yoku (shinrin “forest” / yoku “bath”). Think of Continue Reading