5 Guaranteed Ways To Attract Real Friends

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Life’s more beautiful when you have real friends! They make celebrations bigger and sorrows seem smaller. With real friends by your side, you have a support system that rejoices with you when you prosper. And when things don’t work out, you always have a shoulder to lean on. Who doesn’t want that?

So, if you wish to have this support system in life and you want to go out there and effortlessly attract genuine friends, we’ve got some great tips that can help you accomplish that. 

Here are the 5 guaranteed ways to attract real friends everywhere you go.

Be the real you:

You cannot pretend to be somebody else and expect to attract genuine people. Remember, the goal should be to find the right people who accept you for the way you are and vice versa. 

As a ‘people magnet,’ you attract people who share similarities with you. You want to attract friends who get your vibe and with whom you can be your true authentic self. So, from the first interaction itself, make sure to be genuine and focus on building an honest friendship.

Warm gestures:

Subtle and small gestures, as simple as a smile, can convey so many things to the other person. Smiles are warm and welcoming. When you smile at people, they automatically feel comfortable around you. Also, smiling instantly creates a friendly vibe around you. 

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, make sure to introduce yourself accompanied by a welcoming handshake. Let them know you’re glad to meet them. Always be respectful and cordial with everyone, everywhere you go! You might just find your lifelong BFF at a charity event or at a new bar in town. You never know!

Listen and share about yourself too:

The only way to attract people and get to know them is by asking questions. But make sure not to get too personal on the queries. It could be as simple as asking how their day went or what they are planning for the weekend ahead. And once they begin answering, make sure to listen. Don’t listen simply for the sake of it. But pay attention, listen sincerely and show that you care. Non-verbal communications such as nodding your head, smiling, or saying things like “yes, tell me more,” and “go on” really helps!

Be helpful:

Kindness never goes out of style! If you see someone in need of help, make sure you offer a helping hand. These six magical words, “what can I do for you?” go a long way in building a friendship of a lifetime. 

Helping people says a lot about you. It portrays you as a person everyone can reach out to. Of course, you don’t have to do something that you’re not capable of. But as long as something is within your limits and not hampering your activities, ensure that you’re always there for your friends.

Compliment people:

You can consider this as a great hack to get into people’s “good books.” It also works to attract people that you want to be friends with. Everyone, irrespective of gender and age, loves to be showered with compliments. So, make sure to give compliments to people you care about. 

It could be about anything – “I really like what you’re wearing today,” “you’ve got a lovely style,” “I love your hair.” But ensure that your compliments are short, sweet, and genuine.  

Lastly, there is always a limit to friendships especially “close” friendships and they take time. At a time where the number of friends you have is sometimes measured by your social media profile, it’s important that you define what friendship really means. It’s deeply personal and no system, platform, or website should ever define friendships for you. I’ll leave you with an interesting article from MIT that suggests that “Your Brain Limits You to Just Five BFFs” challenging the 1990s famous Dunbar’s Number where Robin Dunbar predicted that humans could have no more than about 150 people in their social sphere. 

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