How To Decide Whether You Should Have Kids

Should I have kids? This question does not include merely a yes or no answer! Deciding whether you should have kids involves a lot of decision-making and considerations. You want kids, but are you really ready to have one? Having a kid is a rewarding experience and they surely bring some kind of happiness that you don’t get to experience elsewhere. But are you capable of giving back the same joy, care, and love? You need to ask yourself all these questions and more! 

So, without any further ado, let’s look at some ways that can help you decide whether you should have kids.

Considering your reasons:

Before anything else, think about why this thought occur to you in the first place? Do you want to have kids because your friends are planning one too? Are you considering it under pressure from your family? Is your partner all excited to welcome home a new baby? Ask yourself these questions.

If your answer is a “yes” to any of the above-mentioned questions or similar ones, then having a baby right now may not be the best decision. You should have kids because YOU WANT TO. And not because of any other reasons! That’s because at the end of the day, having a baby and nurturing them is your and your partner’s responsibility alone. Sure, others can help! But ultimately, it’s on you. Hence, deciding whether you should have a kid should be your decision alone and not under any kind of influence.

Looking into your financial health:

Let’s face it – having a baby is expensive! Having a kid or adopting one can take months, but raising kids is a lifelong commitment. That includes financial commitment too. According to Investopedia, middle-income parents will spend $284,570 USD on average by the time a child turns 18. You are bound to spend money on your child’s wellbeing, including education expenses, healthcare, fulfilling their wants and needs, and so on.

So, take a look at your bank balance. This doesn’t mean you need to be rich or have the biggest mansion to welcome a new baby home. Of course, having a regular paying job helps. But you and your partner should be well settled to even consider having a kid.

Acknowledging the pros and cons:

Having a child can mean a lot of things to different people. And undoubtedly, it is one of the most rewarding and surreal experiences. But it sure comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

Remember, having and raising a kid is not only a time commitment. But it also takes a lot of effort mentally, emotionally, physically as well as financially. Are you engaged in a 9-5 work? Can you give enough time and attention to your kid? Are you okay with waking up at odd hours in the middle of the night (especially during the first few months)? You need to consider all these while planning to have a child.

Present life scenario:

What’s life like for you at present? Look around you and see what’s presently happening in your life. And also, consider your partner’s life events too. Make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page about having and raising a child. 

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