10 Creative Ways To Save Money

Tired of the generic and difficult ways of saving money? Want more creative and alternatives ways for doing so? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page! In this write-up, we’ll take you through some of the best creative ways to save money without any stress whatsoever.

So, grab a drink, sit back, relax and read through these effective yet simple tips for saving money!

Owe Yourself Some Money and Pay That First:

Owing yourself some money and paying that simply means saving. Come up with a budget first, then decide how many percentages of your salary should go into your savings account. On payday, make it a point to transfer a specific percentage of your money to your savings account. You can even opt for the auto-debit option – this is a set it and forget it method that automates savings. 

Create an attractive DIY budget chart and stick to it:

Who said creating a budget was boring and plain! Make a creative budget chart, or buy a nice budget-planner, or you can even download one on your phone. On the first day of every month, make it a point to spend some time creating a budget and stick to it! Here are some budget planner books for inspiration. 

Got some spare change? Throw it in the piggy bank:

If you shop with cash, you’re sure to have some change left in your purse at the end of the day. Be it coins or $5 bills, make sure to store them in your piggy bank. And at the end of the year, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve saved! Every penny counts – a penny saved is a penny earned!

Learn some DIY skills:

Learning some DIY skills such as painting your own nails, home-remedy facials, doing your own makeup and home-manicure, go a long way in cutting down expenses. These are easy DIY skills that anybody can learn. Other than these, you can also try to learn how to fix leaky faucets, cleaning the vents, change car tires, etc.

Pack your delicious homemade lunch:

People tend to spend a lot of money while eating out. Every day it may just cost you an average of $10 dollars, but just try multiplying the amount by 261 workdays (average per year in the United States), and the total may shock you – a whopping $2,610! Packing homemade lunches not only helps you save money, but you also eat healthier because you know exactly what you are consuming. 

Check out your subscriptions:

Are there some Netflix subscription and gym membership you’re paying for but not really using? If yes, cancel them. If you don’t even get the time to use it, what’s the whole point of paying for it! Netflix at $8.99/month (basic package) will run you nearly $108 per year! Think about Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon, etc.

Watch out for the electricity bills:

Saving money on electricity bills is a no-brainer! It’s simple to save money on electricity. Turn off and unplug appliances and electronics from the power source when not in use! If you have smart plugs and a home setup, you can even set it to automatically shut off during bedtime hours. 

Stop drooling over brands:

There are high-end brands that sell makeup, jewelry, clothes, appliances, tools, and so on. But there are generic brands that sell the same products too! As long as it gets the job done, stick to generic brands and save yourself some money. Remember that you are paying a premium for the brand!

Thrift shopping is fun:

You can save tons of money when you thrift shop. You can find almost everything at second-hand stores at a fraction of the price, or even lower. Thrift shopping can also be fun – spend the whole day there with a friend and find hidden treasures and one-offs!

Got some bad habits? Get rid of them:

Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful to your health. Additionally, these habits also affect your budget quite a bit. Hence, if you have any bad habits, including even drinking store-bought carbonated drinks and soda, try your best to resist them. This way, you can lead a healthier lifestyle as well as save a lot of money. 

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